Greetings fellow meteorite enthusists!

This post comes to you from the comfort of our room here at the Hotel Nevada in Ely, Nevada. Despite it being past midnight, and feeling absolutely drained, I find myself quite enthused to report on our first day of our trip!

The day started out with the long drive from Las Vegas to the remote Great Basin, NV to hunt a dry lake bed featured on a certain episode of a certain television show. ;)

Great Basin, NV

Looking into the beautiful valley. This could be a painting, couldn't it?

With threatning clouds overhead, we pressed on further down the seemingly endless dirt roads that lead to the dry lake bed. We were so tantilizingly close! But…rain intervened in our plans. Not risking the chance of getting stuck in the mud, we found ourselves sitting in the truck waiting out the downpour. This yielded the perfect opportunity to grab some lunch.

A rainshower and sandwich later, we were back on the trail. Finally, after delays, we made it to the dry lake bed. Our old friend, The Rain, decided to make yet another appearance, forcing us to return to the truck after only a very limited amount of search time.

As the rain weakened, we decided that it would be a great time to unload the ATV from the truck and explore the remote parts of the lake bed. This surely paid off!

Dale found the first meteorite of the day weighing in at 6.1 grams! He then went on to find six more beauties, as well as a few small fragments.

Dale and his find!

What a beaut!

I quickly fired back, finding an absolutely gorgeous 11.4 gram meteorite!

11.4 grammer!

What a cutie!

With the day coming to a close, we decided to get back on the quad and head back to the truck. But wait….what is this?! Rick spots a beautiful 58.4 gram honker right from the ATV! We slammed on the brakes, hopped off the quad, and went running towards it. It was a beauty. But, she brought friends! All around the giant meteorite were decently sized fragments, allowing all of us to score some awesome meteorites fairly quickly! It was a real treat!

After we milked the patch of meteorites dry, the sun was sinking fast. We made a beeline to the truck, just as it started to rain again.

At the end of the day, I got seven beautiful pieces including an 18.7 gram whopper (all pictured below), Dale got seven gorgeous specimens (plus a few fragments), and Rick found himself five unbelieveable meteorites, all totalling to an impressive 146.3 grams!

Jason's loot!

Jason's loot!

Today was such a great day. Who wouldn’t love finding all of these meteorites? Let’s just hope that we can carry this momentum into tomorrow as we hunt for the infamous Utah Fireball Meteorite!

You can follow all of the action here on the website, or get updates as we post them via Twitter. (@findameteorite)

Goodnight from three tired meteorite hunters,

Jason, Dale, Rick